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Nublu Orchestra conducted by Graham Haynes: Conduction #16


Tues April 9, 10pm (doors 9:30pm)


Wed April 10, 7:30pm (doors 7pm)


at Nublu

151 Avenue C, New York, NY, 10009

Nublu Orchestra: 

Brandon Ross, Graham Haynes, Jonathon Haffner, Shakoor Hakeem, Michael Kiaer, Mauro Refosco, Douglas Wieselman, Kenny Wollesen, Ilhan Ersahin, Neil Leonard, Jonathan Finlayson.

haynes conduction.png

Starting in 1990, Graham Haynes was a conduit for the American cornetist and composer Butch Morris’s structured improvisation method, called Conduction®, a singular form of large-group improvisation in which conductors and ensembles “duet” using a system of signals and gestures. At Nublu, the club and label on Avenue C, Graham was an early member of an evolving, composite group of wildly varied musicians that formed the Nublu Orchestra under Butch Morris’s baton. Graham also took part in Black February, Butch’s unprecedented 2005 celebration of Conduction® spanning 44 performances in 28 days. Butch’s conductive language could manipulate musicians’ harmonies, rhythms, and phrasings regardless of their technical, theoretical, stylistic or cultural background. As an heir to and interpreter of the method since Butch’s death in 2013, Graham has since introduced Conduction® to conservatory students, electronic musicians, and to players local to his home in Bahia, Brazil.

Graham Haynes, the Bahia, Brazil-based composer, bandleader, and musician, expands and confounds what we understand as jazz and electronic music. Son of the drummer Roy Haynes, raised among the greatest figures in improvised music and art in New York, Graham’s work grows out of a keen sense of New York’s many histories of music and musical movements. His is a voyage of constant departure and return to his native city, enriched by lifelong immersion in global musical practices and emerging sonic forms. 

This event is part of Graham's residency at FourOneOne from March 12 - April 15, 2024. The project spans performances, listening parties, public conversations, and master classes with Robin D. G. Kelley; Adam Rudolph and Maalem Hassan Hakmoun; Vijay Iyer; Nublu Orchestra; Shakoor Hakeem and Lucie Vítková; Momenta Quartet, and others. More info.

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